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Founders Dane Zink and Kayla Pearson, drawing from two decades of experience in the technology recruiting space, established Product Hiring House. We've seen first-hand the nuances and pain points involved in hiring processes, knowing that bringing in the right people as organizations scale is critical.

Fueled by a mission to transform the hiring landscape, we prioritize human connection and long term career progression. With a focus on strategic partnerships and a consultative approach, we bridge the gap between clients and candidates, serving as long-term advisors throughout the hiring journey. Our commitment to candidate advocacy, quality-driven processes, and simplifying complexity defines our role as catalysts in bringing people together. Product Hiring House stands at the intersection of expertise, intentionality, and a passion for shaping impactful careers and organizations.


Partner to mission-driven companies expanding and accelerating team growth. I've been first recruiter, last recruiter, hired teams 0-1, invested, advised and a bunch more startup-y stuff.

In the early career days I worked on a golf course, made music, threw corporate events, walked dogs, worked in Ops, sold door-to-door (not fun), and anything else that allowed me to meet new people and pick up new skills. 

My passion comes from contributing to something greater than myself by scaling companies making positive real world impact. I enjoy being a community builder, innovator, and connector of cool humans. If you're local to San Diego, in Product/Startups/Venture, or would just like to reach out and say hey - let's connect!




Technology is fascinating, but the people who build and create with it are even more intriguing. My practice is based in connecting talented and passionate individuals with organizations that push the boundaries of innovation, fuel career progression, and strive for organizational growth.


For nearly a decade, I have worked with series A through post-IPO companies, both in-house and as a consultant in several technology verticals to grow their teams with a human-first and consultative approach. My strong suit is building relationships and leaning into difficult hiring challenges by thinking through considerations from multiple angles. I serve as a key business partner and thought leader, working collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure there is a unified understanding throughout the process to set internal hiring teams and external candidates up for success. 





I love seeing the way recruiting can fuel a business and getting to learn interesting and impressive stories from candidates along the way. I’ve recruited for technical and product teams in multiple industries, acting as a true partner to clients and an advocate for candidates. Utilizing creative ways to connect and then building genuine, lasting relationships is the core of what I’m passionate about.



After an early career doing advocacy work around public policy where I honed my communication and observation skills, I've since had a second full career partnering with early to mid-stage startups to hire for lasting and cohesive teams. I specialize in product design hiring, and do so out of a lifelong love of thoughtful design's impact on our world. From joining existing teams, to being the first outside recruiting hire all the way to being the first lead recruiter at a New York City based Series A, I've experienced a touch of all org maturity levels. That includes experience with an extremely successful privately held organization (which was later acquired), a successful IPO, as well as a successful acquisition.  My strength lies in my genuine and exceptional relationship approach through deep empathy and curiosity for clients and candidates alike. This approach ultimately leads to the needed trust to bring high-caliber talent and hiring teams together. I particularly thrive in mission and people driven organizations who reject the status quo and take pride in helping build the teams behind these missions.





Unlock the best talent effortlessly by partnering with industry experts who understand your startup needs.



As a former VP of Product, I've had to hire countless PMs throughout my career. The role is critical as PMs are responsible for product strategy; they require a unique blend of skills and expertise across various domains such as market research, UX design, technical knowledge, project management, and leadership. A wrong hire can result in costs of over $500K in onboarding, training, and rebuilding with a significant impact on the company. To ensure that I hire the right PM the first time, I've developed a special screening and interview process over the course of my career. If you're looking for your next PM hire, we'd be thrilled to connect and help find the perfect candidate for your organization.



As a seasoned product leader with over 15 years of experience, I specialize in transforming the inherent complexities of product management into team-building and retention strengths. My journey stems from a wealth of experience in leadership roles at companies like SmartRecruiters, Pendo,, and Philosophie; I tackle prevalent challenges in the industry. I offer actionable solutions to critical questions about strategy effectiveness, the recruitment of key personnel, and the promotion of collaboration among expanding teams. By incorporating principles from behavioral psychology and organizational culture into my methodology, I simplify complex concepts, making them accessible and actionable for technology leaders and product developers aiming to achieve remarkable results.



Hi there, I’m Shane! 👋 

I’ve spent the last decade building some of the fastest growing marketplaces in Silicon Valley — Airbnb, Pinterest, Outdoorsy, Thumbtack, and Hopin. I’ve experienced true ‘hyper growth’ several times and have learned first hand what it takes to build a successful product and while scaling a massive business. 

Today, I spend most of my time at ProdJoy, advising and consulting with early-stage marketplaces and specialize in product development, strategy, prioritization, and execution. I'd love to learn more about your business and see if there's an opportunity to collaborate!



I have over 15 years of experience in Product Management, specializing in driving B2B & B2B2C SaaS initiatives across diverse sectors such as Generative AI, Live Entertainment, Supply Chain Compliance, and Sports Management. I excel in crafting innovative product strategies and go-to-market plans, which have helped foster business growth and customer engagement.

My leadership has significantly enhanced product performance and customer satisfaction, marked by increased feature adoption and strategic pricing adjustments that have substantially boosted sales. I played a vital role in a major technological overhaul, which was instrumental in securing a significant equity transaction, demonstrating my commitment to product scalability and technological advancement.

I am passionate about mentoring emerging Product Managers and am dedicated to building teams focused on product excellence and customer-centric innovation.



A passion for people compelled me to spend the better part of the last decade working in recruitment for venture-backed startups across the United States. In recent years, I've shifted my focus to commercial real estate and operating the Kucera family office, but my willingness to connect with others remains wholeheartedly intact. 


Please don't hesitate to reach out if:

  •  You're an entrepreneur looking for an investor or a shoulder to cry on

  • You need help with anything recruitment-related (hiring or navigating a job search)

  • You think we could have interesting synergies or shared interests

  • You want to!



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